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Free Family Portrait Session Giveaway!

IT IS TIME FOR A FREE GIVEAWAY! I have been thinking of good ways to promote my local photography business further and what would be more fun than having a contest for a FREE FAMILY […]

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How “The Great Pumpkin” was created

                Here is a quick tutorial on how my photo titled “The Great Pumpkin” was created. Hopefully this will give other Light Painting photographers some inspiration in using […]

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The New Michael Ross Photography Website is complete!

After Hours and Hours and Hours… and HOURS of work on the new website, I finally feel like it is ready to officially (re)launch!  Welcome to the new and improved Michael Ross Photography Website! I […]

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Site Crash!

Howdy! (That would be Texan for “Hello”!) You may have noticed that my website has undergone a LOT of changes lately. On October 13th, 2009 I experienced a site crash of my website and lost […]

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