Precision High Speed Photography Trigger

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This is a tutorial on how to build your own Precision High Speed Photography Trigger.

The Precision High Speed Photography Trigger is used in the following types of photography.

  • Water Drop splash photography
  • Water Drop Collision photography
  • Time Lapse Photography
  • Sound Trigger photography such as Balloon popping or glass breaking
  • Lightning Photography

Basically the device can be triggered by Light, Infrared beam interruption, Light, or sound and has the ability to act as an intervalometer for time lapse photography and can also be used in Multi-Flash motion photography. It will also control two lamps for lighting in between dark room shots, up to four flash units or strobes, and also up to four water drop solenoid valves for water drop photography.

Making one of these does require a little bit of DIY skills and some basic tools that the average DIY person might have. Tools such as a drill, drill bits, soldering iron and solder, wire cutters / strippers, and a rotary tool (like a Dremel) with some of the more common bits are used in the creation of this trigger.

If you have questions, comments, or problems, please post them below so that everyone can share in the questions and answers.
Thanks and Cheers!
Michael Ross

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  1. AHMED March 3, 2016 at 1:08 pm #

    Dear Michael

    i’m amateur photographer and interested in water drop collision photography and i saw your amazing project the multiple specifications ( i have a StopShot device ) but i found your device is more functional so i decided to build a device like your
    ( i have knowledge in electronics but not in programing ) i have Arduino Maga 2560 so when i try to program it with the softwarethe you create it . i get incompatibility message i wander is this sketch not work with Arduino MAGA or i do somthing wrong ?


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