Light Art Photography / Light Painting Automotive Photography

Bugzilla!_5545356743_o.jpgDemon Car!.jpgEttore Bugatti shines on_4085371518_o.jpgGhost of Ettore Bugatti_4085371552_o.jpgHemi!_4985745906_o.jpgInner Soul_4868118132_o.jpgJeep_4867502631_o.jpgJeep_4867502725_o.jpgJeep_4868118028_o.jpgLet's Ride!_6808749838_o.jpgOrb Test_4199552734_o.jpgRed Hot!_4867502839_o.jpgRed Hot!_6464145691_o.jpgTxMini and his Mini_5010431145_o.jpgWall of Fire!_4985146549_o.jpgWIKKED!_5443698513_o.jpg

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Michael Ross is well known in the Light Art Photography Artist community and is known all over the world for his work and inventive tools for use in Light Painting Photography.

If you are looking for something unique or totally different in Photography, I offer Light Painting Automotive Photography sessions for automobiles to literally show your car in a completely different light! Click here for more details on my Light Painting Automotive sessions.

Michael Ross Photography – Light Painting Automotive Photography – Plano, Texas

Michael Ross Photography is located in Plano, Texas with coverage of the North Texas, Dallas / Fort Worth, Plano / Allen / McKinney / Frisco / Parker / Richardson areas. All photography is performed on location in an outdoor or indoor setting.