Light Art Photography / Light Painting Product Photography

Can you smell the blue_3885538427_o.jpgDanbo the Light Painter_4988643077_o.jpgFire in the sky!_4033594608_o.jpgFlaming red_3886333214_o.jpgLight Painting with LED Lights_3885538349_o.jpgLight painting with LED Lights_3886334292_o.jpgLove Potion Number 9_3885538533_o.jpgMagical Blue_3885537267_o.jpgMagical Fireflies_3993986867_o.jpgMagical Green_3885537291_o.jpgMagical Red_3886333178_o.jpgOn Fire!_3885537371_o.jpgRed Hot Blues_3886333320_o.jpgYou're getting sleepy_3886334372_o.jpg

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Light Art Photography or Light Painting is a specialized photography technique using different light tools and techniques to “paint” an image or add highlights to an image much as a paint and canvas artist would do with a painting. It is a long exposure technique performed at night or in a dark environment and involves no computer manipulation or trickery. The images come straight out of the camera.

Michael Ross Photography – Light Painting Product Photography – Plano, Texas

Michael Ross Photography is located in Plano, Texas with coverage of the North Texas, Dallas / Fort Worth, Plano / Allen / McKinney / Frisco / Parker / Richardson areas. All photography is performed on location in an outdoor or indoor setting.