Stock Photography / Microstock Photography

Currently I have over 12 Thousand stock photos for sell on various stock photography sites.

I have all sorts of images available ranging from Long Exposure night and Light Painting images, close up Water Drop and Water drop splash photos, brightly colored decorative images for home or office, Landscape photos from the desert southwest, to business presentation photos of many kinds. I am sure just about everyone will find something to their liking. And the cost is very cheap! So please help support this starving artist and take some time to browse around and purchase a few images for yourself or your business.

A sample gallery of my stock photography can be found here.

All of my Stock Photography photos can be purchased through the Shutterstock website.

My complete stock portfolio can be found at

Image sets of my work can be found at

Shutterstock Image Sets


Light Painting

Backgrounds / Abstract

Macro Images

Glow Stick Juice

Family, Friends, Love

Night Stars / Moon

Business Terms – Graph

Business Terms – Tablet PC Blue

Business Terms – Tablet PC Yellow

Business Terms – Tablet PC Bright Colors

Business Terms – Tablet PC Green

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